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Kolkata is the old metropolis whose growth directly depends upon the urban algorithm and the rotating capitals. A city whose people believe in getting one another educated to the extent of serving the city’s economy & standing up to the culture & heritage of the city. Time and again due to political reasons, the city’s affinity towards constructing office space in Kolkata remained mundane for many years. 

However, now the time has changed and so have we, the Kolkata Salt Lake Sector V area, the eastern part of the city with clean & wide roads accompanied by the huge parks, open spaces & water bodies amply located blended by a peaceful environment. Factually speaking, it’s the perfect office space in Salt Lake Kolkata, emerging every day as the successful business and retail destination in West Bengal. 

Imagine Tech Park

Imagine Tech Park has found its place as one of the most magnificent office space in Kolkata. Built-in the most modern way that opens space for endless opportunities and a better lifestyle. Imagine tech Park is being progressed as the tallest office space for sale in Kolkata with the most towering amenities to look forward to.

Recognized to be the most cherished IT Park Project of the year, the Imagine Tech Park has received the honor of being the IGBC certified Green Building. Apart from the credentials let us go through the major reasons as to why Imagine Tech Park is the most preferred as the height of the success quotient.


1.The Address that makes you proud

Imagine Tech Park, which is proportional to smooth commuting & is well connected to the metro station just about 700mts away. That’s not all, this commercial office space salt lake Kolkata lies within the close proximity of the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International (NSCBI) airport. Every automobile is honorably at your service anytime, be it a prepaid taxi, Uber, the bus as well as the Bidhan Nagar railway station. Affluent 5-star hotels like The Hyatt Regency, AltAir Boutique Hotel, the Sonnet, etc lie within the sight of Imagine Tech park.

2.The Green Building

The office space Salt lake Kolkata has substantial prospects but they rarely have undergone the transformation of recognizing themselves as the Green Building. Imagine Tech Park, on the other hand, is tremendously eco-conscious that gives an opportunity to the employees to eliminate every negative energy & focus more upon the accelerating productivity & employee’s wellbeing! All these not only impacts the fundamental features of the building but also guarantees the prospects of office space for sale.

3.The Grand Double Height Lobby 

A lobby is said to be the preamble of the entire office space building in Kolkata, It creates an impression of the affluent clients and bigshots who show up with a proposal of greater excellence. Imagine Tech Park offers a sumptuous double-height lobby that welcomes everyone with a sensation of perfection. A place to linger, enter & recharge establishing a sense of identity & welcoming hospitality. Visual cues, incorporating beautiful & rich colors, elements, and artistic caricatures that feel nothing less than a palace.

4.Flexible office Space

Imagine Tech Park uses futuristic technology inviting an all-found openness with a thousand times more than just an office space enclosed with desks and chairs. The use of flexible & spacious office space in Kolkata energy-efficient air conditioners to enhance productivity and good relations. Not just that, we also have various rooms for socialization to break, relax, converse with others, and get motivated. Likewise, including quiet areas for focus & concentration. Modern office spaces are more comfortable with working in a naturally lit area along with fluorescent lights. This office space for sale is prepared and constituted with modular components & 100% DG Backup.

5.The Wellness Culture within the work culture

Imagine Tech Park, is very selective about providing the employees something more than the work ambiance. The potential of a workspace depends on accumulating moments of happiness for the employees. Whether it be a co-working space or a direct private office, every purpose needs transparency of relaxation including the most quirky and prestigious modes of refreshment. The most appealing office space for sale, the building has AC Gymnasium, for regular workouts and keeping oneself trim and motivated. This is accompanied by Shower, Steam & Spa for holistic healing.

Thus, Imagine Tech Park marks to be the most revered commercial building in Kolkata which would not be lacking in anything, on the contrary, it would be providing a lot more! While the work is progressing and several influential citizens are trying their very best to be a part of the office space for sale in Sector V, Kolkata. Within a few years, the progressive and premium image of the building will turn out to be true, talking about the fame of Kolkata’s corporate area to the zenith.

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